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Stick War Hacked

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Stick war hacked is a hit game from the stick page-stick war. The game is set to function with the awaited stick empires and cooperative play also known as multiplayer. Playing the game is all about making wise moves to attack your enemies. The following stick games are also available; stick game 1, stick game 2 and lastly stick game 3. fter a long struggle, the older empire finally falls. All former colonies rebels and move to distant lands. Migikill is the leader of the rebelling group; his group, led by him is ready for a challenge to take back their land (the older empire). In playing the game, one makes a choice of three factions-antagonists. However, the player is only allowed to control order.It is interesting how this game is set up; order is your first antagonist who led to the emergence of your second antagonist – Rebellion. Later, rebellion and order unites to become protagonist hence creating one nation. Speartons empire challenges the order in an open battle. Basically, this part of the war acts as a tutorial ground for the fighters. Second stage: Blot out of the sun declares war. Archidons declares war on order too. As a retaliatory attack, order sends it fighters- speartons. Third stage: Magic in the air and the wizard declare war: Order makes a confrontation with Migikill, in this stage all the fighters use black magic. However, Migikill cannot summon the evil minions; the two have mastered new and powerful spells. The stick war hacked is a great game, it is fun to play. In addition to that, it comes with clear set of instructions, making it easy for a beginner. Lastly, one can download the game from various site, you ought to give it a try!